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At it again!

 I went out to the country to visit friends for a fun day of sewing.  Women and kids just hanging out and playing with cloth and thread.  It was a great group of people and a beautiful Wisconsin fall day. 
“We used to be pants!”
It was a long drive as I got myself lost about three times on the way there.

I tend to get distracted by the fall colors this time of year.  We’ve had so many cloudy, grey days that one bright day dazzled me!  The leaf colors are so vibrant against those blue skies!

I pieced together some denim with no end purpose in sight but decided – in this place of safety and positive energy – that this was the time to experiment with something new that I has been kicking around in my head.  So I pulled out my box of embroidery thread and made some simple running stitches through a square of denim unconsciously using some of the colors that I saw on my drive out. 

I didn’t try to keep the stitches totally straight, I just followed them where they seemed to want to go.  Just like following those oddly letter named county highways.
 The squares and the lines of stitches are a little wonky like most things I like and like my drive there.  Always the scenic route for me – usually involuntarily.
It’s a project that’s been there in the back of my head, waiting until I was ready, I guess.  Maybe waiting for that fricking couch to get done.  I’m so glad I started in on a crisp, bright, fall day.
Like a candy store!  I did remove all of the pinks, purples and blues for this project.
 I’m seeing the next OCD quilt coming together here.  I already made four more squares last night.  All in all, a great day.  Great friends + great day + room to try something new = some awesome inspiration!
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Finally for real!

Seat cushions on ‘A’side
I’m calling this DONE!  It’s probably about a year of work and avoidance of work to make this couch cover.  I’m ridiculously proud of it.
‘B’ side
I consider it done just today because this is the day I attached some elastic loops around the legs to hold in in place.  It’s looked finished for weeks.
Here’s the seat back.  I’m glad I took months and month off because in that time I made some quilts and came up with this piecing idea.  Everything else I had tried before was super awkward and had stumped me.  One vote for procrastination!

By the time I really figured out the piecing thing, though, I had reached the back of the couch , you know, the part that sits up against the wall.  It’s my favorite part.
So here are some of the details.
These pictures are just for the record because no one will ever see it unless I completely rearrange my house.  Don’t think I’m not tempted.
Remember this post? (Scroll to the end)
You’re still welcome!  
Thar she sits, in all her glory!