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December Rocks!

December is going to be super busy and awesome this year! w00t!!  Check out my Events Page, it’s chock full o’ awesome!!

First off, I have been invited to sell some of my indigo items in a trunk show this coming weekend, December 5th and 6th at the Hillcrest Handmade Bazaar Sale.

Hillcest postcard December Sale

It should be way fun, there will be quite a few artists there and I plan on doing lots of Christmas shopping there myself.

On December 6th (that’s a Sunday and the second day of the sale) I’m going to give a FREE talk at Paradigm Gardens about (wait for it….) Indigo!

I’ll also demo dyeing for anyone who want to see what a super and amazing process it is and (painlessly) learn a titch of history and chemistry.

I’ll have a fresh new vat there, which is excellent because the very next Sunday – which is the 13th of December – I’m teaching a Dip Into Indigo class there from 1 – 4. It’s the perfect chance for you to MAKE Christmas gifts for people.

November Sale - some stuff left for December

Here’s my booth from the Art in the Wright Place sale I did last weekend.

It’s going to be a freaking awesome month! There’s even more happening that isn’t indigo related.  There’s a Fearless Crafter’s Program at the Monona Library on December 16th. Guest Artist Linda Orr will be leading us through making a fabric collage calendar.

Also at the library on Sunday, December 20th, I’m leading a community mending day. It’s happening every third Sunday. We will mending clothes and drinking coffee from 2 – 4.

Back to indigo, I want to thank everybody for keeping me so busy doing fun stuff so I’m hosting a give away in December! Woohoo!!!  Watch this space for details.


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New and Blue

I went to an awesome and fun quilt retreat at the Jones Mansion in Mineral Point WI and had a totally awesome freakin’ time.  I took a bunch of indigo dyed fabric – both cotton and linen – and no plan.  I figured that, as long as it was blue, anything I made would look lovely.


I love improv quilting.  It’s very freeing and fun.  I sewed a buncha squares together and found that I had made enough for two small quilt tops.IMG_4875

My husband happens to have two co-workers who are expecting babies in the spring so I needed to make two baby quilts anyway. But then I was done and had used up all my cotton indigo squares.  Never fear, I had a pile of linen fabric too.  I made four nine patch squares and then sewed them together.  I was inspired to try something that required a little planning by all the quilters around me.


But I can only plan so much.  I started stitching this mandala inspired circle with no plan but to go in a circle.  This one may keep me busy for a long time.  It’s really fun to sew.  The running stitches are actual quilt stitches and all of the embroidery stitching only goes through the top layer.


I will also be kept busy by this little guy who just joined our family.  He’s Augustus The Strong!  He’s named after a Polish King and also the dude from The Fault in Our Stars.  Luckily it’s a name that both kids could agree on, even if for totally different reasons.  I just call him Gus.