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Playing with Blue

You may have noticed me waxing poetic about CreativeBug.  It’s a website full of really cool and creative video classes.  No, I’m not an affiliate or anything but maybe I should be, they rock.

Anyway, I just finished making this bagIMG_8281from their site.  I used canvas that I dyed with (surprise, surprise) indigo!

I added a phone pocket because…phone pocket. I don’t like to dig for my phone when I’m near a Pokestop.  🙂


I also used cotton webbing instead of leather straps just because I had some around.

Also, I used discharge dyed fabric from a class taught by Cherie St. Cyr that I just took through the Sewing Guild.  It’s a fun process but a little too stinky for me.  Not Indigo stinky but toxic stinky.


And here’s the outside of the bag before I started sewing it together. IMG_8278Otherwise, it’s pretty close to the actual pattern…I mean, sort of.  I have trouble following directions.  🙂

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The search for an Indigo Blue Drink: Tasty Testing at Fisher King Winery

Blue is a super rare color in nature. It’s one of the reasons indigo is so magical.
Blue food is even more rare. The ideas about why vary a lot.  Some, like blueberries and potatoes, actually trend more towards a purple-ish color rather than a strong blue color. There are artificially-colored blue foods, of course, but I’m still on the hunt for something natural.
I was super excited to see that Fisher King Winery in Mt. Horeb was doing a tasting last weekend of it’s first batch of Blueberry wine. They were offering a summer sangria–a mix of the wine with fruit and lemon-flavored vodka. blue wineWhile nice, the sangria didn’t have the same bright blue color of the wine itself. I sampled the wine on it’s own and was surprised by the lovely fresh taste. It is a semi-sweet so I will have to have Jennifer try it out before I commit to bringing some to the Deep Into Indigo Retreat, but we will be doing a tasting today!
Anyone had it?