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I was trying for a ginkgo leaf.  It was a whole lotta stitching, which I really enjoy. Ginkgo stitch

But, it’s more of an umbrella.  It was more of a design issue than a technical thing though.  I really love it.  And what’s better than one Ginkgo- brella?ginkgo

Four Ginkgo-brellas!!!!!!!!!  I love learning stuff!!! Ginkgo QuadI’ll be making more…that are maybe a little more leaf like.

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So Lucky!

I’m so lucky to have the help of Jenina Mella.  In addition to doing most of the organizing and all of the cooking, she’s been trying out bag designs for our retreat swag bags.

These are laminated envelope bags20160806_122627And this one (my favorite) is a clever origami drawstring style bag.20160806_122731

She’s a super talent!  The retreat is getting closer and closer, I can’t wait!!!