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Turned Into Biology


The science switched today, well, probably yesterday.  What started out as chemistry (which is what dyeing really is) turned into biology.


I tried to get a close up of the life I, not unlike Dr. Frankenstein, created.  This life, probably a lot like the Frankenstein monster, stank like hell.  So, I gave up on this as a long term project.  It had been sitting outside for about four days.


After a rinse, the silk scarf still only picked up a light pink.

It’s waiting to go through the wash now.   I’ve read that I should be washing all of my naturally dyed fabrics by hand and drying them on a line.  Maybe one day I will.  For now, I want to see how they tolerate a heavy duty washing.

In the meantime, I’ve started another collection of avocado skins and pits so I can try it again.  This was really fun.  If you try out dyeing with avocado skins because you saw this post, please let me know how it goes.  It’s really fascinating to me.


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