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A Mighty Mess

I made a mighty mess.  It’s one of my favorite things to do. I mixed up some rice flour and Gum Arabic, which is also known as sugar glue.  It’s made with the sap from the acacia tree.  I had tried to make a resist from just Gum Arabic – I swear I read a tutorial for that somewhere – and it didn’t really resist the fabric very well.  Here’s the Gum Arabic alone:ga-resistNice, but a little too subtle for me.  I wanted to make something resist-ier.  Hence, the rice flour.  I just stirred a little at a time in to my leftover Gum Arabic goo until it was the consistency of glue…I guess. 1-resistThen I painted it on.  I laid the fabric on some wax paper because it bleeds though.  It dried really fast, though.  I was messy and didn’t really think much about the pattern.  It was drippy and messy to work with and, for me, that makes it fun.  2-resistHere it is after a coupla dips.  The resist did get sticky again. I left it to dry for a few days though I think 24 hours should be plenty.  We run out of good dye days in Wisconsin pretty early and I had to wait for the weather.   I think I dipped it three times.  The vat was old so the result is light.3-resistBoom!  I love the level of resist I got.  There are some bonus little drippy bits here and there.  My random pattern makes me happy too.  I will do this again for sure.

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