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A Sense Of Scale

I’m starting to get excited by this quilt.  I’m using lots of colors to quilt it together and I really like it. 
I want to add a whole bunch more – at least double what I’ve already done.  
 Hmm.  The stitching really isn’t showing up well in the picture but, trust me, it looks really cool on the red side in real life.
So now that things are moving along well, I’m feeling compelled to mess with it and make my life a little harder.
I’m thinking of cutting it in half and making it into two smaller quilts.  Because the thing is just freaking huge for a baby quilt.  It’s really sized for a single bed.  It’s my own fault, I was having too much fun piecing it together and I lost track of the final product.  
I would need to get some more dark denim to border that bottom edge of each on both sides.  I was thinking of adding the red flannel to this side and then the denim on the other just for kicks.  I have to somehow add the batting to the border, too.  
I had this surreal moment when I looked around me to find an object to put on the quilt to give you all a sense of scale:
 Hmm.  Should I use the phrenology head, wooden shoe stretchers, palm reading card, or infant of Prague statue who always hangs out with the wooden, pose-able drawing doll* – wait – I think most people don’t have these things laying around the house.
Hi everyone!
So I used a hotwheels car.   That’s a good sized baby quilt, right? 
*That’s the moment when I started listening to myself.

4 thoughts on “A Sense Of Scale

  1. i’d hate to see such a beautiful thing cut! maybe it could be a quilt the bby can grow up with?

    1. Thanks Britney. But it will be two such beautiful things when I’m done. :). Still debating.

  2. Your quilt is looking great – I’d love to see the detail on the red side. And by the way – I think everyone should have a poseable drawing doll!

    1. Thanks. I don’t know why the red side isn’t photographing well. Probably my utter lack of photography knowledge. 🙂

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