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A Sure Sign Of Desperation

I went to a meeting of the Modern Quilt Guild the other night.  It was fun. I was an hour late and they didn’t hold it against me.
It was a scrap swap night. The scraps I got were all selvedges.  I have a month to make something and then get it back to the owner of the scraps.  Yes, my swap partner got denim.  Selvedge fabric is not something I would normally work with but that’s totally the point, right?  After some googling around, I decided to bargello them.  Mine will be way simpler and small, like, doll quilt sized.  Also black and white for obvious reasons.
 I sewed together the scraps to make them longer.
That’s thing with the red edge is a spool I had used as a stamp for some mail art.  I don’t know why it’s in this picture. 
 Then I trimmed them down so they were all tidy.  Here are the leavings. 
Then I had to line them up.
 Next step, sewing them together and then making them into a tube.  To be totally honest, I stopped here because I was bored out of my little mind.  There are more reasons that I like to make random, crazy quilts than just my obvious laziness.  I had always heard that quilting could be boring and now I believe it.  Is that awful?  I knew I didn’t really care for the look of traditional quilts but now I know that the process is duller than dull, too.  I will finish it because, well, I have to.  But that day, I put it aside in order to clean my house.  And if you know me at all, you know that’s a sure sign of desperation.  Wish me luck.  🙂