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A Blue Miracle

Spoiler:  That stinky ass mordant that threw everything cock eyed.

I found an online source that recommended that fabric soak in mordant over night (instead of three days) so I pulled everything out today (please, follow my example and ignore all the dirty dishes on my counter).  I won’t lie to you, pouring various stinky liquids form jar to jar and mixing them all up is fun as hell.  I felt very evil scientist-y.

Backing up, check out these fermenting bean bubbles.

Next time (oh yes, this will happen again), I will try and time it better.  I am sorry to horrify all you frugal bean eaters out there, but I threw the beans away.  I don’t even have room in my frozen compost pile for them.

I think it looks pretty brown here.

Maybe a but purple.  But, when I threw in the mordant soaked fabric,

GREEN!  Muddy green, at that.  It looks greener in real life than in the picture.  I’m pretty disappointed/stoked to play with mordants in the future.  That’s why I will have a next time and I’m not even done with my this time.  Right now, they are lined up on my windowsill, wedged between the proof that I shouldn’t be allowed to have indoor plants.

More tomorrow; I’ll check them in 24 hours, hoping for a blue miracle.

Whaddaya think?

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