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All I Have To Do

I chose to hand quilt this one.  The shower is on Saturday.  I figure I have until Friday morning.  I’ll just keep sewing along. 
 I decided to use all different colors of a meandering running stitch and just go and go until I run out of time.  Then Friday I’ll edge it and Saturday it will be finished.  
All I have to do, besides work on this quilt, is feed and raise my children and keep the chickens alive. 

2 thoughts on “All I Have To Do

  1. Your quilt looks like it is coming along nicely. Do you hand quilt with a hoop, or a frame, or nothing at all?

    1. Hi. Thanks! Here’s a long winded answer for you: I use nothing at all. I would be tempted by a big old frame to keep the quilt off of my lap in the summer time heat but that’s the only reason and they’re crazy expensive so nothing it is. I tried a hoop early on in my hand quilting adventures but it was more of a pain than it was worth. Can you imagine fitting a thick quilt into an embroidery hoop? And then doing it over and over again as you move along to embroider elsewhere? No thanks. 🙂

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