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Altered, Vague, Slippy Slidey Thought Space

I picked my color to finish this quilt totally unconsciously.  After taking pictures of my options,

I put the grey linen pants in a pile all by themselves without even realizing it.  Everything else was stacked on a chair together.


 So, after publishing my blog post, having lunch, and bopping around my house doing the stuff I do, I came back to the quilt and I decided on the grey linen pants.  That’s when I saw that I has already separated them out from all the other fabric.  My unconscious mind makes better decisions than my conscious mind.


And then, since I was in that sort of altered, vague, slippy slidey thought space I get into when I make stuff (you do too, right?) I found myself going off into an internal rant.   Usually, my rants are totally in my head and don’t come out  to play because I’m in the middle of making something that needs my attention or I’m trying to get to sleep.  Usually trying to get to sleep. This one happened to happen near the laptop and I typed it out.  I would love to hear your thoughts about my thoughts.


They’re about those quilters who say they make a mistake on purpose because only God is perfect.  Why is that impressive?  For one, it sounds like they are saying the opposite of what they think they’re saying.  “I’m so good I have to purposely make a mistake so the shit I make isn’t utter perfection.”  Please!

The bigger point for me, though, is that if they have got quilting so down that they’re perfect; they are doing it wrong.  If anyone is just knocking out more perfection, it’s time to move on.  We are not machines, it’s a sign that’s it’s time to get a new freakin’ hobby.  We should be always learning, always striving for new ideas and stretching ourselves.  Making mistakes on purpose to see what happens.  Not because we’ve got such a big ego that we don’t think we can make mistakes unless we do it on purpose.

Life:  If you’re always doing everything right. you’re doing it wrong.

That’s a first for me:  A rant that ends with a tag line.


Moving on.


Doesn’t this look nasty?  It’s a pot of water and avocado skins and pits.  My evil plan is to simmer them for hours, strain the water into a jar, add a piece of fabric, put that out into the sun and see what happens.  I just bought myself Eco Colour by India Flint and I see more fun with the compost pile in my immediate future.  Stay tuned, I hear avocado skins dye things PINK!