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Another Woohoo!

I’ve been making so much stuff with denim, I totally forgot how much fun it is to play with color.   I also forgot how light and easy linen is!  Denim can be a bit of a struggle.
I really have the sensation of play when working on this one.  Here’s the beginning.
I grew the squares until they were about the same size.  I think I will need nine all together.
Usually, when I get to the piecing the squares together part, I cut them down till they match in size but I’m a little too attached to these. I think I will add strips between the squares to help them fit together better.
This is the last side of the last of four squares I made yesterday.  It’s impractical and time consuming to use lots of little scraps to make a strip.
It’s also very satisfying.
The closest square is with the one with the scrappy edge.  Do you see it?
Here’s the pile of collars and button plackets and left over bits from cutting the clothes up.  I threw them in my compost pile. I made sure to take out any facings and zippers.  My big compost confession:  I don’t use my compost in my gardens since I don’t really garden (I have a very shady yard). I compost to lessen our garbage can output and to pretend I’m a scientist mixing gross potions…hee hee
Gleaned buttons.  Some are nice shell buttons.  Woohoo.
I kept this picture in because you can see the laundry is still back there.  I neglected it for the whole day.  Another Woohoo!

3 thoughts on “Another Woohoo!

  1. I’m really impressed with your thrift!

  2. I’m really impressed with your thrift!

  3. Soft, crunchy, airy, light, warm, cool – gotta love linen! Looking yummy.

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