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Baby Quilt Out Of Old, Used Pants

If you’ll excuse the sad camera phone pictures, I can post way more often.  Here’s my new, clean set up.  Sewing machine against the wall, cutting table on it’s left (Yes, I’m a lefty), ironing board behind me.  I’m lucky that I have such a sunny basement.  Those big windows open up right at ground level.   Way in the back, you can barely see there sort of beyond the ironing board,  is the fabric I’m probably going to be using for the backing.  Pretty.

The bummer of it is that there are no outlets along the outside wall so I have to get creative with the power cords. The iron and sewing machine cords meet in the middle of the room right under the chair.  
And here’s what the new clean room allowed me to work on.  I have two baby quilts to make – genders unknown – the first baby is due in June.  I think only one of those people will appreciate a baby quilt out of old, used pants so the other will have to wait because I’m having too much fun piecing this one.