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Because I have a project waiting…

…that I really should be working on, I’m starting a new, unrelated and pointless project. My favorite kind.
I started looking at this book 
and was inspired to start a project that has no final iteration in mind.  
I’m funny about my hands. I’ve never liked them. They look older than the rest of me. They always have.
My knuckles lock up a little. Why? No clue. Doctors haven’t figured it out so I call it Jennifer-itis. So, I don’t really trust my hands to come through for me though I love to work with them.
Also, I’m left handed. It isn’t something I give a ton of thought to but it’s in my awareness and I often find myself noting other lefties, bringing my attention to hands again. 
Anyway, because my hands are a somewhat loaded topic for me, this book, with it’s hand maps, caught my imagination. I’m curious to see where, if anywhere, this goes. I’d like to embroider on it a bit.

1 thought on “Because I have a project waiting…

  1. Haha Jennifer-itis! Love it. I have so many Susan-itis’s if that’s the case. I would be interested in seeing the finished project if you do decide to embroider it. Your hands look fine to me, but I love the idea of taking on a body part you’re not thrilled with and making it your own in an artistic way.

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