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Because That’s My Pace

 The tree trunk table is moving slowly only because that’s my pace.  
It’s in the basement and so I keep forgetting to work on it.
 I’m calling this side finished.  It probably has eight or nine coats of Tung Oil.  The Tung Oil did darken the wood but I don’t mind.  I’m really pleased with how it’s turning out and can’t wait to put my feet up on it.
You can see the marks from the chain saw but it feels smooth.  This will be the underside.  I’ll need help flipping it and then I’ll start the other side.  I’ll try to remember to take a picture of it before I start oiling it.
In lieu of actually sewing content, I thought I’d show off my sewing machines.  I have a few and really love them all.  
What looks like an unassuming side table, turns out to be…
 A beautiful vintage Necchi Mira BU from 1954.  I love me some old machines.  They are sturdy and much prettier than newer machines.
Yes, that is denim thread on there.  Perfect for sewing old jeans into new things.
I could tell you all sorts of details about Necchi machines but this person does a much better job of it.  Also, she has a really cute Springer Spaniel who looks like the one we had when I was a kid, but I digress as usual. 
I found this machine on Craig’s List.  A woman had been given it by her Grandmother and was done sewing and so was passing it on.  At least, that was her story.  It came with all sorts of awesome paperwork including a guarantee and catalog.  Very fun.
 I can’t get over the weird way the threading directions are lettered.  Italians have the same alphabet as we do, right?  So how are we supposed to follow this?  S to E to U to D and wha???  There must be a good reason.  I’m just glad there are pictures
How cute is that?
 It came with a Wonder Wheel for fancy stitching and a ruffler foot along with many other feet and accessories in a Bakelite box. 
 It’s a heavy duty, dependable machine and I love using it.  More pictures of my other sewing machines coming in the future.
I also need to organize my corner of the basement.  
It seems to need attention every few months as I keep finding the greatest stuff that I just really need.  
Surely, you understand.

2 thoughts on “Because That’s My Pace

  1. WOW! That table is an endeavor! It’s going to be very cool!

  2. Wow that looks like such a cool project!

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