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Big News + shiny stuff

I’ve been pretty busy making stuff for our craft show on May 11th. (pssst..check out the links above this post) I haven’t done a craft show in years and I’m super excited about this one because it’s sort of the kick off event for my friend, Jennifer, and I.  
Drumroll please……
We are starting a business.  Woohoo!!!  
We will sell crafts, craft making materials (including some of the obscure, vintage-y, remake-y stuff we both love so much) teach crafts and help people get in touch with their creative sides.  We do some of this already though the Fearless Crafter workshops that we teach at Monona Library and we want to take our act on the road!  We’ll slowly be rolling stuff out through the summer and into the fall.
We’re calling ourselves Rusted Thread. 
I’m very excited and will have more detail coming up!
Back to now; I want to share some of the jewelry pieces I made over the weekend:
Those are hex washers up there with fresh water pearls and garnets.
I usually try to include some beads in everything but I just wasn’t feeling it.  These are O-rings and little screw, eye things.
Big washers, some sort of gasket-y deal and lugs.
I don’t know what these are made of but they’re shiny!
Bracelet made out of lugs with sleeves.
And finally, a necklace made out of washers, beads and a tee-shirt!  I haven’t made jewelry for a while but I really enjoy it.   I also wanted to practice my mad photographing skillz using my phone’s camera to help me figure out if the pictures are good enough for Etsy… I can’t decide.  I’ll have to have a look around there and see what I can see.