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Blotch a Day!!

I have some extra blotches (plus a potentially offensive story ahead  You’ve been warned) because it’s Friday and I’m taking the weekend off.

I went to Amy’s Cafe and Bar here in Madison with a good friend for their Drink and Draw Event.  It was way fun to go somewhere new to doodle and to hang with a friend.

It’s sponsored by our local Artist’s and Craftsman Supply – which is a freakin’ awesome place.  They had some fancy hemp paper there and lots of pencils and drawing supplies.  I used my own pencil though.

Instead of making blotches with my precious wine, I used an ice cube to make the face shapes.  I outlined them and then dried them so the blotchy bits don’t really even show.


The theme of the night was Mardi Gras.  If you drew something related to the theme you got a free PBR…which I didn’t want.  So I just drew blotches…but…in my head…I imagined that someone had just yelled, “Show us your tits!”  to each of them (which drunk idiots do at Mardi Gras, I’m told) and they are each reacting:






Whaddaya think?

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