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Blue or Green

I saw this when I was out and about today:

I thought I would share it in case you need a smile.

Check out this difference.  The green stuff is the dry fabric that soaked in the black bean water for 24 hours.  

The blue stuff is still wet.  I just pulled it out of the dye bath after a 48 hour soak.  

I wonder if it will stay blue or if it will dry green?  I’ll probably never find out.  I did one of those things I probably shouldn’t.  But it’s inevitable, so I did it.  I threw everything in the wash.  

I know I shouldn’t, naturally dyed fabric deserves a gentler treatment than that.  However, not only am I sure to throw them in the wash without really thinking at some point anyway, they are also napkins and dishtowels, they really should be able to handle the wash.  I hope they stay blue, I don’t really care for the green.  I suspect that green may actually come from the mordant.  

They are in the dryer as I type away.  When I pulled them out of the wash, they were pretty pale.  Living and learning, that’s just how I do.  

Whaddaya think?

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