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But I Know Better

The library quilt is coming along.  
I actually changed it after taking this picture   It was too long and skinny so I took the bottom panel off, lengthened it a bit and sewed it to the side.
This is the bark cloth curtain I’m using for the backing fabric.  It’s so funky and 50’s.
It was awkward to get a picture of it all.  I’ve since cut the backing fabric down.  I’ve never really liked the staircase leading from my living room to the basement except for when I’m working on large projects like this.  Then it’s very useful.
I’m actually liking this denim park better on the unfinished back side.  But I know better; that’s too impractical for the intended recipient.  Maybe next time I’ll sew it all together with enclosed seams so both sides work.  Hmmmm, like a denim pojagi.  I’ll file that away for later.
I’m hoping to have it all sandwiched today and start quilting.  As always, when I’m on a deadline, I’m tempted to machine quilt it but the end result just isn’t lovely enough so I’m pretty sure I won’t.