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People often ask me what I use in my dye practice and where to buy it. So I made a page to share that info. 

I’ve signed up to be an Amazon Affiliate, meaning if you buy something on Amazon that you click on here, I’ll earn a little scratch from it.  It won’t cost you anything and I will use it to buy more fabric!  So thanks!


Botanical Colors Logo


Botanical Colors carries several varieties.

I love the Living Blue Indigo but if they have Stony Creek Indigo available BUY IT!



Reducing Agents:


I really like to make my vat with Henna.  Maiwa is my favorite place to buy it.




Now Fr


Sometimes I use Fructose to build a vat.  I do use it to feed my Henna vats. I typically buy it on Amazon, I’ve never seen this brand in a store near me.



pH Raiser:


I use Mrs. Wages Pickling Lime. You can find it lots of places like Hardware Stores or Grocery stores.  It tends to be seasonal and often goes on sale right after canning season. You can find it year round on Amazon.


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