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Chaos Slowly Becoming Order

Check out that crazy mess.  I’ve been collecting Mail Art supplies for months.  I knew one day there would be a reckoning.  One day, I would have to organize them all.  
Yesterday was my day of reckoning.
This picture was taken at about the halfway point.  And this is only the stuff that made it to the table.  I’m not a natural organizer and often will ask my husband (who is very organized) to help me figure out where to put things.  But I got through it on my own yesterday.  (Of course, there are, like, five messy piles of paper in my studio but let’s not talk about those.)
Chaos temporarily contained.  
This picture isn’t of everything, It’s just the stuff I’m bringing to Osh Kosh, where my friend/business partner and I are running a couple of workshops.  We so love helping people make stuff, love helping them find their creativity.    
Love it!  It’s really exciting.
It’s way worth spending a whole day organizing paper scraps.  
One workshop is Mail Art and the other is Making a Piano Hinge Bound book.  
They books are really cool.  You don’t use any glue or any stitching.   The binding is woven with sticks.
These workshops are part of a private function. But teaching people how to make stuff and helping them to open up their creative side is something we hope to do on a larger and more public scale as Rusted Thread.  
We’re still in the planning stages and it’s not unlike the process of organizing my big mess.  
It’s like chaos slowly becoming order as we narrow in on what we want to be and how we want to be it.  Exciting stuff!