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Cloth Instant Book

One last Instant Book made for displaying at my Saturday program.   I mentioned this one earlier so this could be considered to be more follow up, right?  I’m growing up. Here’s the front cover of the book. 
I randomly used images from a pair of pants that I found at Dig N Save and cut up.  I want to know who thought: You know what will make great pants: Pictures of people!  It’s whack-a-doo and will not be seen walking around in a town near you because those pants are now a book. 
There’s something you don’t hear every day. 
Next pages.
The book in the book.  In staring at these randomly placed images while sewing on and playing with the book,  I kind of came up with a story/non-story thing.  So I used my daughters junky old typewriter (Best kind for this project) and typed it up.
Then I stapled the cut up pages into the paper Instant Book that lives inside the cloth Instant Book.
 I hope I was clear enough about this story really making no sense.  I embroidered a little yellow and green thing onto each page and that thing is what the story is about.  Really. 
Then I just stapled the paper book into the cloth book. 
And the back cover.  
In sewing it up, I embraced the messy!  But that’s hardly worth mentioning because I always do. I feel like I’m pretty well set for my program.  One whole person has signed up…that’s actually pretty typical for a library program.  People tend to sign up at the very last moment so wish me luck.  I’ll run it no matter what.