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Curvy As The Learning Process

It’s called a learning curve.  We’re in one.  First, I’m on my third try at a tank top ala Alabama Chanin (but my size).  Somehow it’s not quite perfect but I’m getting there.  
I have gained a huge appreciation for wax paper.  I copied the pattern onto wax paper and altering it is as easy as taping on more or cutting it up. Which is, in case you didn’t know, really easy.  
I don’t have a picture of the first try because it has already joined the rag pile.  It was a bit small in the bust so I added a little triangle of wax paper to the front of the pattern.  It also had too large of an arm opening.  The side of my bra showed.  That  happens for me a lot with tank tops,  It’s so awesome just to be able to add a little wax paper to the pattern and voila:  A shirt that’s fit just for me!
2nd try, pretty good, but the little triangle I added in the front made it a little low cut for me.  
Number 3, much better.
What I need to figure out now is how to place a couple of darts – because I’m as curvy as the learning process.  
I think I can figure it out.
Then there’s taking pictures for our Etsy Shop opening which is speeding towards us at an alarming rate.  I made a light box using some online tutorials (I love you, on-line tutorials – How did we ever know things before the internet?).  But the pictures taken using it are dim.  I think the bedside lamps didn’t quite cut it and we’ll need to buy some bright lights with reflectors.  But I did take a little time and f try to edit the picture online.
Can you tell which is which?  I realize that these are very shadowy..learning process, remember?
So we took some pictures outside.  It worked well but somehow books don’t belong in the grass.  
Also, what do we do in the winter?  We talked and planned as we snapped pictures and the process of doing it all at the same time was very helpful.  Kind of like doodling while talking on the phone.  
We’ve come up with some ideas for how we want our pictures to look and what we want our aesthetic to be.  That makes it easier to make choices – kind of like a mission statement.  It’s a process and it’s really inspiring and enjoyable to be able to dig in and work to make everything come to life. It’s a good learning curve, I really enjoy the process of learning now that I’m a grownup and get to pick what I learn and how I learn it.

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  1. Does your camera have a setting for white balance, or for selecting light source? Tungsten, daylight, flourescent, etc – they make all the difference.

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