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I know the answer to this but who’s job is it to keep me from doing stupid things?
And if it’s mine I’m screwed!
So, quilting a labyrinth.  Great idea for someone who isn’t afraid to do the math.  Getting the labyrinth to fit took some figgerin’. I measure and divided and T-pinned where I thought the different parts would go. 
Then I stood there scratching my head.
For a while.
 Finally I gave up and cheated, just like I used to do in 9th grade algebra.
I laid out some yarn to see where it should go and just fudged the placement a bit till it fit.
There was a lot of empty space at the bottom here so I just shifted the pins down and I’m hoping for the best.
I didn’t start this as a place to practice stitches but it’s worked out that way.
I’m still figgerin’ on how to quilt it.  I need a more solid line for the labyrinth to really show so I tried back stitch instead of running stitch.  It worked on the front.
But not really on the back.  
More figgerin’ for me.  

7 thoughts on “Dang!

  1. ‘Finally I gave up and cheated, just like I used to do in 9th grade algebra.’ Oh hahahahaha…me too. And this is why they give us ‘scratch’ paper…

    1. Or F’s. This is why they gave me F’s. 🙂

  2. This looks incredibly complex. I would have cheated on the math too. This looks like it has the potential to become the story problem from… you know where.

    1. I can see it now: “If a meditative soul was travelling a labyrinth at 2 mph, and a crystal was transcending at 50 mph…”

  3. Found your blog via a comment you left on Christine Mauersberger’s blog and must admit to have good old belly laugh when the url started appearing…being, myself, yet another Jennifer who makes stuff. Mine is of the rusty sort…dyed, mono printed and stitched.

    I absolutely love your idea of a labyrinth atop the quilt. Good luck!

    1. Thanks, your work is gorgeous. I’ve been thinking about playing with rust lately, actually. If us Jennifer’s ever get organzied…look out world.

  4. You are very creative! Sewing is not one of my talents.

    Just dropping by from the Ultimate Blog Party 2013.
    So nice to meet you! I hope you find the time to stop by my site.

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