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Dye Day!

Yes, Dye Day with an exclamation point!  Because the day was super fun.  I’ve been prepping fabric for a little while now and was planning to dye them on Thursday (today) but I had a meeting and drank so much coffee.  When I got home, dyeing the fabric RIGHT NOW was the only thing that made sense.


I did some random test fabrics just for fun and practice.  They didn’t all work.  The one on the left is a total mess.  It’s still pretty though.


I also bought pretty much every white shirt made with natural fibers that were about my size at Goodwill the other day.  Those were really fun to play with.image4(17)

I’m especially pleased with this one.  It looks super awesome.


I’m a little concerned with the placement of the blue here.  I may have made some shiboobie instead of shibori.  I think I’ll overdye this with another pattern.  image2(16)

More tests just for fun.  Plus a bonus background chicken.


And a set of a dozen napkins.  There are only 11 because of the mess in the first picture.  That’s ok.  I love learning how to do things and I can always make more. In fact, I ordered two dozen more yesterday.

Whaddaya think?

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