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Earlier Quilt

I was being ironic when I picked as many obnoxious floral prints as I could get my hands on to make this quilt.  Actually, they all sort of fell into my lap.  I answered an ad on Craigslist from a woman who was getting rid of a bunch of vintage fabrics. 
This one was a sleeveless shirt
Curtain panel
Another shirt
This one is my favorite.  I love the birds.  It was a shirt, too
This is from a different batch of fabric that a friend was giving away. 
The white was from a sheet that doubled as my Princess Leia costume from Halloween 2009 and the red edging I found at Dig N Save, pre-cut and apparently rejected.   I wanted to make a classic busy quilt just for fun. It has a very active life on the couch keeping us all toasty.