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So…I wear orthotics.  I injured my Achilles tendons years ago and they never healed right.  So these monstrosities are my only comfy shoes.  Recently I also injured my left big toe joint (Yes, it’s a hard job, being my feet) and I’m supposed to keep it extra cushioned, as well.
Here’s my orthotic with the cushion that the Poditrst added.
And here are my new shoes, which I love dearly.  Compared to my comfy shoes, these are downright sexy. 
And, here’s why they don’t fit when I wear my orthotics.  
That’s the orthotic on the bottom and the insert that came with the shoe on the top,
Whew,  that was a whole lot of exposition.
Anyhoo…You can see here that I cut out foot shaped pieces of felted sweater and…dang..I really thought I took more pictures.  
Well,  I cut out four of them.  You’ll just have to take my work for it, I guess.  I had fun sewing them together because I know noone will see them and so had fun with embroidery floss colors.
Now they fit way more snugly.  The wooly inserts are in there under the orthotic, which is, yes that’s right, covered in glitter from my tracking through it barefoot.  A hazard in this house.