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I finished it!

Art Journal - Binding fisnished

Ok.  I didn’t really finish it exactly…that’s going to be a while.  But it’s less exciting to yell,  “I bound it!” from the rooftops.


I used, more or less, a Coptic stitch to bind it.  I changed it up a bit since I used just messy single pages instead of tidy signatures.


So, every four or five pages look like this and it lays flat when opened which is cool for doodling in.


I plan on writing and or drawing in it a little every day or so until it’s all full.  That’s when I’ll have actually finished it.

Art Journal Print

Oh, and here’s a print I made (with the help of some good friends) of Barbara Bains.  I picked her picture randomly off of the cover of a vintage magazine.  Made a lino cut of her face and printed up a bunch of her.  Then I found out that the next day – totally a coincidence – was her birthday.  Freaky.

I brought the bound (not finished) book into the Regal Find to show my friend Jessica and she asked my to teach a class on how to make one of these!  Woohoo!

It’ll be in January, I’ll keep you posted.  So really, “I’m finished!” means “I’m starting!”

Whaddaya think?

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