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I made this for a friend/co-worker.
Gotta have at least one pocket for keys and phone.
  I based it on a pattern from “Linen Wool Cotton” by Akiko Mano, which I love.  I’ve made variations on this bag two or three times now.  It’s a beautiful book full of simple projects but it’s also full of pattern mistakes and there’s no official errata page, so if you sew something from it, google around for peoples’ notes first.
 I couldn’t stop myself from embellishing a tiny bit.  It wasn’t fabric that I would have chosen and it just needed some contrast.
 Every little bit helps.  I did all my finishing by hand which takes longer but just looks cleaner – at least when do it.  When I finish by machine it’s always super messy.
There it sits on the baby quilt that I’m neglecting.  I’d work on the quilt right now but I really think I need another cup of coffee first….

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  1. Very lucky friend! I love the colors you chose.


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