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For Some Reason I Can’t Logically Explain

Just a quick post to say I think I’ve finished this patch.  I might add some yellow, I might not.  It’s the kind of thing you can just add to any time because you’re sitting on the couch anyway, ya know?
Here it is “in context”.  I’m looking forward to more spots wearing out. 
Remember that square I was compelled to work on for no good reason at all?  
Well, it’s moving slowly.  Good thing I’m not in a rush to finish for any reason.
I got a little bored with the same old stitching but more, I’m really  inspired by the beautiful work of Christine Mauersberger and so tried a different orientation of the stitches.  I like it.  I was trying to decide whether this was enough or if I should add more areas of this kind of stitching when I remembered that I will probably cut it up and mail it out as postcards so I guess it doesn’t really matter.  
It’s too bad that I picked a piece of denim with lots of stretch in it.  I just don’t like them for a bigger project so whatever this ends up as, it’s destined to be small. 
For some reason I can’t logically explain, I’ve started a Doctor Who scarf (My second).
Here’s my first one; it’s only about 10 feet long but way too wide. It was one of my very first knits and I didn’t really understand gauge. The second one will be longer and thinner.  …sigh… I’ll try not to post process pictures of that one, it won’t be very exciting.

I guess that wasn’t a quick post after all, sorry.  🙂