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So…I pulled this corduroy/denim quilt back out again, just chock full of confidence because the way to quilt it together popped into my head.  
I started it after a meandering country drive on a beautiful fall day. Then I spent way too much energy wondering how on earth to quilt it together because it has these denim patches that are already embroidered.
Then while thinking about something else completely (OK, nothing)
this thought just jumped in:  Quilt it in different colored meandering lines, duh.  Seemed so easy but …
 First I had to piece it.  I lined them all up, so tidy on one end.
So not tidy on the other.
So I picked a spot that seemed right and chopped it.
 I sewed the ends of some of the longer ends to the shorter ends and…
BOOM.  Even Steven.
Here’s where at all went wonky.  The corduroy has some stretch to it and I didn’t really deal with it very well.
 Look how crooked.  It all wonked off to one side.  Hmm.  Stretch fabric.

Also, I’m sure you noticed all along that it’s really wrinkly.  But corduroy doesn’t iron well.  I could have steamed it but that seemed like too much of a pain.  I don’t mind a little bit of wrinkle.  It can give it a little bit of a vintage feel. 

But…It’s really pretty dang bad.

This is the price I pay for laziness.  I hope it works out in the long run. 
I do like the colors.   But it’s kinda freaky how it matches my rug soooo well.
Here’s the back.  Now to decide what color thread to use to quilt it together.  Any ideas?  I’m between off white (clouds), black (streets) or blue (no reason) or something else completely.  I really would love some input.

All in all, I’m pretty frustrated with it at this point. 
I guess that having this inspiration leap into my head gave me the idea that everything would just fall into place. 
Not so much.