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Full Catastrophe

Look what I found!  
I’ve been in the mood to play with denim. When I went to my massive pile o’ pants, these were close to the top.  And though it may seem like a non sequitur, I just want to mention that I love dolphins and am always excited to see one.
These are the leftovers from a baby quilt that I got overly enthused by.  
It grew and grew until the size became absurd.  I was madly in love with the way the squares mellowly get along.  
I hope it isn’t tacky to use the same picture twice in the same post.
I even made seven large panels that didn’t even make it into the baby quilt and it was still way too huge.  I ended up cutting the quilt in half to make it more baby quilt sized and the scale became all thrown off.  
The half of the quilt that didn’t get gifted is in the middle of there with a darker boarder a round three sides.  
Remember the border?  I fell in love with that, too.
I think I feel in love with the pieces but the whole didn’t win my heart.  Having found these panels again, I feel like I have a second chance to fall in love.  Do I need to commit to the full on crazy?  That is what I need to decide.  I have to urge to make this quilt so giant that no bed could contain it.  It’s probably just a reaction to my hurt feelings from the last experience.
Do I need to have a future bed in mind when I start a quilt?  Does it make sense to just sew it up without a home for it?  It’s not like I could sell it.  I’ve already put too many hours into it and it doesn’t even actually exist yet.  I could never really charge enough.  
I don’t know why I’m asking.  I’m already in up to my eyeballs. 
 Committed to the full catastrophe.

4 thoughts on “Full Catastrophe

  1. I’ve always wanted to have a band called “The great Oxygen Catastrophe.” We would open for my other band, “Adrenal Crisis.” Catastrophe–a great word with many meanings and uses–just like denim. Rock on.

  2. Well, of course I LOVE the quilting, but really, I had to comment on the ONLY other person close to my generation who loves “the full catastrophe”!(And Zorba’s rendition of it.) One of the great movie memes of all time – I’ve never heard anyone else but my mother reference it. 🙂

  3. I, too, love quilting with denim, with or without a plan in mind. I love collecting the different shades and stages of wear and tear. I think it’s awesome this one is growing so big. It will contain lots and lots of love!

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