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Hi. Remember me?

I’m still here.  I’m still with it. For the most part.  We had visitors for a couple of weeks and – have you noticed? – I haven’t been thrilled or particularly satisfied with many of my projects lately.  I’m calling it a slump, I guess. There has been zero progress on the scrap quilt challenge thing.
Why do I never remember the before shots?  This used to be an XL – honest.
But I’m still slogging along.  I’m doing a practical-ish thing.  I guess.  I have some new shoes that are too roomy with my orthotic inserts. 
So, I’m making some wool inserts to put in under my inserts which totally makes sense in my head.  I started by felting this wool sweater.  More pictures coming up.
And this door that is stuck in the garage?  Believe it or not, that is a future table.  I plan on cutting it down a bit, putting in a cool looking door knob or finding some other interesting thing to do with the knob holes and then adding legs.
Shapely legs.
I may even do something wild and wooly with these.  We’ll see. First I have to de-slump myself.