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Hooh Ah

After futzing about a bit, I picked my stitch for the labyrinth quilt:

Chain Stitch.  
Every time I think of it I get the song “Chain Gang” in my head.  
It looks solid on the denim side.  
If you clicked play, you are now enjoying this post with musical accompaniment and this will make sense:
Hooh ah
It’s like a close running stitch on the Bark Cloth side.  The chains are kinda large but with the fabric being so thick I feel like it works.  
Hooh Ah
Now the decision is made I’m moving pretty quickly.  I ran out of thread already, I’m not used to using so much, running stitch takes very little thread.  
Hooh Ah.
It’s pretty primitive looking at this point.  I’m hoping I still like it when it’s done because at that point, it’ll be done, ya know.  I’m so short on time, they’ll be no revisions.  
Hooh Ah.