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I Had to Stand on the Table to get a Decent Picture.

 Early the other morning I figured out how I want to make the quilt that I have been procrastinating on since September.  
I had just finished writing my morning pages when 
this quilt idea jumped into my head.  
It’s really simple but that’s the kind of quilt that appeals to me.
 I don’t think it will be quite like this but it’s a general map.  
It at least got me started.  
I know it looks like just a jumble of scribbles but trust me, that’s a quilt there.  🙂
 I decided the background should be mostly red with some beige and just a little green.
I finally took the leap and cut the corduroy into strips.
Here’s a pile of the selvedges.  I just thought it looked kind of cool.  
It’s trash can bound….maybe…
I sorted the embroidered squares by size and ended up with seven piles though I think I’ll cut some of the squares into smaller shapes.  That might be pretty cool.  I like the idea of the embroidered path being interrupted by a patch of color only to start up right where it left off on the next square.  Hmmm.  I may be giving this a little too much thought.
General concept.  
I had to stand on the table to get a decent picture.  
I like the nap going in different directions.  The second red strip from the top looks darker because I reversed the nap there.  
I think I’ll keep that going  randomly throughout the quilt.
Now, that’s what I call a process post.  I haven’t even started sewing yet.  
But I am about to.  
Riiiiiight NOW! 

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  1. Preeeeeettyy! I wish I could stand on my table…alas I am too lazy to fix the top to the bottom, so it is not soh stable

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