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I Tried: I Used Pink.

After my Fearless Crafters Journal Program and, thanks in part to these two books, I am obsessed with making cool journal pages lately. 
 This one is a blank, colorful (on the other side) card sewn to a wall paper label. 
I really enjoy sewing on paper. 
I’ve already punched holes into some of them using my handy dandy book binding machine.  Then I decided they were too plain so I added some this and that to them.
Sewed a card to it. 
Here’s just  a pile of blanks to add to later, after it’s a journal.
 Same but less blank.  I felt somewhat compelled to add lines to many pages.
 The more colorful one was an advertisment in a magazine but now is an envelope.
 Fun with paper bags!  
The one on the left is a bag that a wine bottle came in.
 I folded over the ends to make little pockets.  
Here’s the other side.
This bag is one that I just started.  This is when I realized (again) that I don’t have a really “girly aesthetic”.  I have no interest in a ton of lace and floral (which seem very common in art journal pages.)  I tried: I used pink.
This I love so much.  I printed it up for use in a library display and just couldn’t throw it away afterwards.  Wouldn’t it make a great page?  It’s from “The Twits” by Roald Dahl, the picture is by Quentin Blake. 
It’s incredibly fun but also very time consuming.  I have this amorphous plan in the back of my head to sell them.  I’m just not sure it’s realistic.  
In the meantime, though, I’m having a really fun time and learning so much about working with paper.  
It’s hard to believe that it didn’t used to interest me at all.  Then again, it shouldn’t be that hard to believe, it’s such a reoccurring pattern for me. I should journal about it!