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Indigo Dye Class at Paradigm Gardens!!


Indigo Dye Class at Paradigm Garden yesterday!  Woohoo!  We had a blast. Check out the different colors.  The indigo dye turns from green to blue.  So beautiful.


We had super fun.  The students were very experimental and adventurous.



Check it out.  Lovely stuff.  Most of my pictures still have lots of green in them but the fabric was all blue and white by the time they headed home.IMG_4748

I have more classes coming up soon. The guys are Paradigm are so awesome, they’re letting me stay and dye some more.


I’m changing the classes up a bit.  No longer will there be a separate 101 and 102 class but just a free for all kind of class.


I’ll supply some fabric but you can feel free to bring a shirt or something vaguely shirt sized or about a yard or two of fabric.


Check out that shocked and happy look on her face.  She was very happy with everything she made.


She was not the only proud dyer that day.


More details about future dye classes here.

Whaddaya think?

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