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Invisible Stitch Mini-Tute

 Here I’m holding the mitered corner in a death grip so I can make sure it lines up in a nice and tidy way.  I’ve sewn the corners of the binding where I want them as I hand sew this side of the binding to the quilt.  Then I’ll tuck the extra fabric into the corner and tack it shut with a stitch.  I wish I’d taken a picture of that.  I’ll get it next time I make a quilt.
I took some pictures so I could post a quick little tutorial on how to hand sew a quilt binding on, using an invisible stitch.  It always seems like magic to me.  
The binding fabric is folded under just a bit.  I’ve machine sewn the binding onto the other side of the quilt so there is a line of stitching on this side that I need to hide under the binding fabric.  I also try to make sure it looks even across the quilt edge but other than those two things, I’m not very careful
I put the needle into the flannel and follow along the line of the binding, right up close to it, for just under about a half and inch.  I pull it out and…
 then put the needle into the binding right next to where it came out of the flannel and make just under a half inch or so long stitch in the binding – always pulling the thread nice and snug.  I pull the needle out and …
 do it again on the flannel side.  That way the thread is hidden under the fabric and the stitch is invisible.
 I just keep moving along that way all along the binding.  It’s always surprising to me how fast it moves along.