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It’s Big and I’m Slow and I Get Distracted

I have now added the minimally necessary lines 
of stitching to hold the quilt together.
  It’s been slow going because it’s big and I’m slow and I get 
distracted by other projects so easily
 I’m good with all that, by the way – I’m used to myself. 🙂 
I laid it out on the bed yesterday to get a better idea of what it will be like.  It’s always a slight let down to realize that the epic project I’m committing so much of my self to is just a blanket. 
My side of the bed is the messy side. 
  I can’t help thinking that this quilt would be awesome with or without the denim squares.  I’m crazy in love with the corduroy.  It’s so soft and the colors are really mellow and comforting.
 I think I will add some diagonal lines of stitching.  It was tough to decide because I’d think of a great idea for once side and then flip the blanket it over and decide that that great idea would not be great on this side. 
The lines of stitches don’t meander as much as I hoped.  I think that’s just the result of switching from working on a small patch to a whole dang blanket. 
I took the pictures having left the camera on macro so I think all the weird little spots must be dust.  
I live in an air hazard! 
Oh, you know what?  It’s probably bad because I just flipped a huge quilt around a bunch before taking the picture – at least I hope that’s the case, yikes.

2 thoughts on “It’s Big and I’m Slow and I Get Distracted

  1. The post title pretty much described February for me. I am thankful for projects this month.

    The quilt looks so cozy, and those aren’t bits of dust, they are flashes of crafty brilliance *blinging* in the flash of the camera. I’m sure of it.

  2. That’s going to be a nice quilt. You will e proud of it.

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