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Since we aren’t gifting the OCD quilt, I’ve put it on the procrastination pile (which is huge) to wait out the holidays.  In this case, that pile means the couch.  
Notice the safety pins all over
The blanket is being used to keep us warm already even though it has no edging and isn’t full quilted yet.  That’s probably a bad idea, I know, but I get such a kick out of seeing somebody wrapped up in it.
So instead of working on the quilt, I’ve been knitting and knitting.  
Up until this year, knitting the same thing twice was unthinkable to me.  
It’s so boring and repetitive.  That’s why my socks have all been fraternal twins.
This is an old pair.  You can tell I got bored on the feet because they are totally different.
I think this year, because I’ve been making time to create more kinds of stuff – quilts, jewelry and stuffed animals – repetitive knitting is just fine.  
I’ve been making the same scarf with different yarns and have really been enjoying myself.  It helps that the stitch pattern is a no brainer and I can think about other things while knocking them out.  
It’s also helped my with my embarrassingly large yarn stash.  I now know what to do with it and even have a project for those small leftover balls of yarn that I just can’t get rid of.  
This morning
Last night
I’d love to make crazy randomly colored scarves – using the same pattern – but that will wait till after Christmas too.  Not everybody appreciates random messiness.
We helped Santa out and bought a new camera on Sunday.  
Look for the Etsy shop to start growing!