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MadCity Bazaar

It’s been a coupla weeks since I had a Drop in and Dye at MadCity Bazzar but I had such a great time and met such fun people, I just have to share some pictures.  And, if this stuff looks like fun to you, make sure to sign up for the July 16th Indigo Dye Class at Bare Knuckle Arts.  IMG_6625

It was little rainy in the morning but that was actually really pleasant as the rest of the day was really hot.

Most of the stuff people made was arashi – which is Japanese for storm.  It’s made by wrapping the fabric around a pole before dyeing.  There are a tin of variations…there always is.   IMG_6633IMG_6636In this case, the tee shirt was wrapped around three poles…a variation invented on the spot by a guy who never dyed anything before.IMG_6638I had to take this picture: A change in perspective.

IMG_6661Here’s the three pole shirt.  It was just unwrapped here and still has lots of green.   IMG_6654

All that green turns blue as it oxidizes.  Freaking awesome!

IMG_6640Here’s a shirt after oxidizing for a while.

It was a great time.  I met some really cool people and got royally sunburned.  Next time, I’ll be more careful.  IMG_6664Let’s pretend that’s a flattering picture.  Come and dye with me at any of these venues.  You can remind me to use my sunscreen.


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