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May (the month of awesomeness) Giveaway! Has Ended!!

Our winner was Lisa Genson!  Congrats Lisa!


It’s my birthday month but it’s also mother’s day month – which is almost as important – so in honor of these two monumental events, I’m giving away a set of two Queen Sized Cotton Sateen Indigo Dyed (natch) pillow cases.

The Giveaway has ended but feel free to do any of these things.  You won’t win anything but I’ll really appreciate it!
Do these things once:
1- Join my Email List if you haven’t already
2- Join my Facebook Page if you haven’t already
3- Follow me on Instagram if you don’t already
Do these things up to once a day:
4- Share my Facebook page – Use #DeepIntoIndigo
5- Share the Deep Into Indigo Retreat Facebook Event on Facebook  – Use #DeepIntoIndigo
6- Tag a friend on my Instagram Page using that awesome hashtag: #DeepIntoIndigo

Of course there’s a Terms and Conditions Clause.  You best read it.

Please share this with your friends and mild acquaintances.

Whaddaya think?

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