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Mitered Corner Mini-Tute

The first place I saw this technique was in Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol.  This is the book that got me sewing again after over a decade; I love it.  I’m sure there are better tutorials than mine all over the interwebs. But I thought (since I took copious pictures of the project) I’d share this tute anyway.  
Quilt corners look hard but they really aren’t. 
Here we go:  Machine sewing the quilt binding to the quilt. When I got almost to the corner – say, about a half and inch to a quarter of an inch away I stopped, lifted the need out of the fabric and …
pulled the whole quilt otter there.  I took the rest of the binding fabric and
 folded it straight up at a ninety degree angle…
 Then, I folded it straight down.  The fabric should be right on top of the quilt, hugging the edges. 
 Then I turned the quilt so the edge I was about to sew was lined up.
Then put the foot in about a half to a quarter of an inch down and sewed along to the next corner, where I did the same thing again.  I think I clipped the thread but I really didn’t have to.  When I hand sewed up the other side of the quilt, I tidied up the corners.  Picture of that coming up om my next gratuitous mini tute…stayed tuned!