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Mojo Free

This quilt has been a tough one for me.  I know.  That’s sounds silly to me, too.  But I just never got my typical quilt mojo going with this one.  
But, even mojo free, This one needed finishing.  I picked the edging material out of my stash.  Not perfect but my original thought was using the same material as the backing and that looked terrible. 
With that decision made, I had to plan my CHOPPING IT IN HALF approach.  Scary.
So, the plan was only just coming together in my head when I started cutting. 
 I started by trimming the excess backing and batting which needs doing every time anyway. 
Folding it in half and…….
 CUTTING IT!!  AHHHHH.  No return and a final plan hadn’t been hatched yet.  
But that’s OK.  I think I had to get to this point to visualize what might work.  I added a border strip a little ways up on the quilt
That way, after I ironed it down, it would overlap enough to have some batting behind it.  
Pretty smart, right?  I didn’t want the edge of the quilt to not be soft and stuffy.  Please excuse the excess pictures.  I took 59 shots of this process.  
 I was nervous and I guess it gave me a solid distraction.
OK.  There.
It was still a little too wide for the amount of backing so I trimmed the border all around
 The next step is easy peasy.  I machine sewed the border onto one side, I hand sewed the other side on but I think I’ll save that for another post because this one has gone on long enough.
 I do still have the other half of the blanket to play with.  I can add more quilting if I choose or do something else.  It has no deadline.
And there’s still this giant pile of squares to play with…