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Monster Monday! Week Three

Monster Monday! Week Three:
This week’s supplies: Index cards, magazine and/or colored paper to cut up, scissors, glue sticks and something relaxing. The relaxing thing could be a glass of wine, a cup of tea or just some music you enjoy.
 First step, relax.  Try to slip into mellow mode. This is meant to be a fun and enjoyable exercise. You may like making monsters more if you let go of any expectation of a finished object. Give yourself permission to relax and stay in the moment. Maybe you won’t end up with any monsters at all. It’s ok. 
No pens or drawing this time. We’re limiting ourselves to collage. I love collage so very much. It’s fun, feels like putting together a puzzle and is less intimidating than drawing or painting. If you don’t like something you glue down on a collage, you can just glue something else over it.
Writing, painting. making music, blacksmithing, any creative thing can be processed through collage. You can make a collage on the topic you want to get ideas about and just let the colllage (and ideas) come together on your paper.

Today, we think about monsters!

Like last week, cut up some pictures from a magazine. You can also use pretty paper. I recommend you make lots of different shapes and sizes. You can use shapes from the magazines that appeal to you or just cut things up into abstracts pieces.


Glue a large-ish piece down on each postcard.  Rotate the card around until you shape looks like a potential monster body. Using your cut up collage pieces only, make some monsters. You can cut the pieces up more to make them look like what you want them to look like.
I put together all the pieces until I found my monsters and then glued the pieces down. Sometimes when I collage, I put a piece down, glue it and then move onto the next piece. Every way you make a collage is right.

Remember to relax and have fun. if you do end up with some monsters, please share them here or email them to me at

Whaddaya think?

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