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Monster Monday Week Two!

This week’s supplies: Index cards, magazine to cut up, scissors, glue stick and a black pen. 

Cut up some pictures from a magazine. Try to make them abstract and illogical. Are there colors or shapes that appeal to you?  If so, use those. If not, that’s OK. I don’t always feel it. Cut up a buncha nothin’. That’s good too. Try to make them about 1” by 2” but if a different size works for you, that’s good too. Just keep your index card size in mind. 

Using a glue stick, glue a piece down, rotate your paper and glue on another piece; the only rule is that they must overlap a bit. 

Continue until you stop, maybe three to six pieces per index card.  Repeat on about four index cards. Put them down and walk away. You don’t have to wait as long as you did for your paint blobs because these don’t have to dry. If you are inspired to draw right away, you don’t have to walk away, go for it. 

Find the monster in the shapes you made and draw it in. Again, the goal here is to have fun and to look at a thing in more than one way. You can extend your monster beyond the shapes that the collaged pieces make or you can limit yourself to the collaged shapes.

Here are the other ones I made.  You can tell that I didn’t try for perfection, just to have fun.  

I got some messages from people last week who did the week one Monster Monday exercises but were too shy to share. You can email them to me and I’ll post them anonymously if you want but please, please, please share them somehow.

2 thoughts on “Monster Monday Week Two!

  1. I particularly like your unicorn / dog / lion one! They look like a lot of fun to make.

    1. Thanks Kath. I’d love to see what you make…hint…hint

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