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I worked on the baby quilt all day.  It went from a pile of squares to this:
Which was fun enough but something was missing so I added orange around the edge.  There’s very little light orange in the quilt.  Just a little on some of the flowers but I love the way this changes and lightens up the whole quilt.
Them’s my toes right there.
Thank you, light orange.
Here’s the back all pinned up.  I just threw that picture in there to show the backing material.  It’s denim.  That’s right, pink denim. 
The pins usually look like a wind map to me but up close…
these look like cows marching home in the same direction at the end of the day.
Back to the realish world.  Here’s the border fabric.  It’s so luscious and linen-y.  I learned a new trick for adding the border I can’t wait to show you when I get there. 
My next step is to hand quilt it together and I want to try some fun different kind of stitching.  I just have to figure out what kind.  You’ll be the first to know.

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  1. My daughter is due to deliver at the end of april and Im currently garter stitch knitting a blanket for baby. But really I wanted to be stitching a quilt for her forthcoming daughter…
    me and my………Oh yes I can do that!
    Love this quilt of yours…delightful!

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