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More Monster Pictures for Week One!

Thanks so much to everyone who sent in monster pictures.  Here are the pictures that have shown up so far. It’s not too late to send yours in, there is no due date.  🙂

The first set are from Jenny, who said that she found them really challenging to do.  She just doesn’t see monsters, she sees flowers and pretty things.  I think they are fantastic and I love how she played with colors.

Laurie sent in these incredibly cute monsters.  I love how happy and friendly they all seem, like Laurie herself:

These are by Heidi, who had a blast making them and I think it shows:

Finally, here are some early monsters that I made.  I cut them out and turned them into postcards to mail to friends.

If you feel the need to do something useful with your monsters, Mail Art is always a fabulous option.  Mail them to someone who might appreciate them!

Tomorrow is Monster Monday, Week 2!  I’ll be sending out another fun monster game to play!  I hope you’ll play along.

Whaddaya think?

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