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Moving On, People!

I spent most of the week in Phoenix visiting my amazing family!  Phoenix, of course, had crazy cold weather including both frost and snow (well, the snow was in Sedona but it was still bizarre).  It was like we brought Wisconsin along with us.
The boobs on this are gone, right?  Now it’s just got some cool circles. 
Now that this project doesn’t know what it’s going to become anymore, I’ve been in and out of love with it.  It’s fun to work on and I enjoy watching it become something, even if I’m not sure what that something is.
On the other hand and still a plus, it’s giving me great ideas for other things I want to make.  
Downside:  I feel like I can’t start them until I finish this.  
Putting that into writing makes me realize how nonsensical that is.  This project isn’t going to get rotten or anything and I can put it aside.  I have, like, 20 unfinished knitting projects that aren’t bothering me at all, why not add this to the pile. I don’t even know what it’s going to become.
Funny how that works.  So, next in line:  Full Catastrophe Quilt, a scarf that I have just a general idea for, more embroidery on linen ‘cuz that’s awesome fun and I want to play in Alabama Chanin land.  
Moving on, people! 

4 thoughts on “Moving On, People!

  1. Maybe putting this one aside and working on something else will help you decide what you want to do with it.

    1. Thanks. I’m going with this because I like it.

  2. I loved the cold weather here in Phoenix. Come back in August! I think you will appreciate the winter weather better.

  3. I’m good, thanks. I’m a real wimp in the heat.

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