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Not everybody sews

You don’t have to sew to play with indigo at my Indigo 101 class.  The next one in coming  right up on Sunday September 13th from 1 – 4 at Paradigm Gardens. You can call them at 608/242-3800 to register.  It’s $85 or $80 if you sign up with a friend.

I serge all of the fabric for my classes.  It’s a bit time consuming but I realize that not everyone who wants to play with dye, wants to sew.

I give students six Fat Quarters each and we learn at least six patterns.  Fat quarters are used in sewing quite a bit, they are basically a quarter of a yard of fabric.  They are 18 X 22 inches in size.  Awesome for quilting or making into little projects.

They also make fabulous and generous napkins or small but useful furoshiki wrapping clothes.


Furoshiki clothes a a whole ‘nother rabbit hole to fall into but also way fun to play with.


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  1. That link to the Furoshiki’s wrapping techniques page is very interesting.

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